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Day One: Campers will be introduced to the basic phonetics of the French language. They will also play icebreaker games. Their level proficiency will be assessed throughout to better accommodate the program to their skill level. 


Day Two: Campers will learn how to determine whether a noun is masculine or feminine, and singular or plural. There will also be several games and practice exercises incorporated in the lesson.


Day Three: Campers will learn how to identify and use various prepositions. They will also be introduced to French syntax. 


Day Four: Campers will explore adverbs and learn to apply them in dialogue. 


Day Five: This will be our first cultural day. Campers will present to the group their favorite French meal and host a cooking class on Zoom!


Day Six: Campers will become familiarized with common homophones. They will also learn about frequently used expressions. 


Day Seven: This will be our public speaking day! Campers will play several games to become comfortable with the French language. They will also have the opportunity to do an oral presentation on a topic that they are passionate about. 


Day Eight: Campers will learn how to use the two most commonly used verbs in French: “avoir” and “être.” They will learn how to conjugate these verbs and work practice exercises. 


Day Nine: This will be our second cultural day! Campers will learn about French art and play games to end off the session. 

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